Fox Starwing

A prolific writer, with ideas just crazy enough to work!
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Name: Tim Lutter
A.K.A: Fox Starwing
Age: 18
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Steel gray (what else!)
Residence: Maryland
Notes: Hey, I’m a normal teenage guy in the military. My love for starfox has been around ever since I played the first SNES game, and it’s still with me. Now, you may be asking, “Then why the bloody heck did he write about this Starwing dude?!” To make a long story short, My younger brother Josh (16) and I are into roleplaying, and it’s through this that Fox Starwing was created. I based him with a little bit of Starfox in mind, but he is different in most aspects. Josh took four years to make his RPG, based on the dungeons and dragons D20 system. He game masters the RPG and also plays as Miles Gladius. Those four long years were spent making weapons, ships, galaxies, solar systems, alien races, equipment, and planets. Then came the plotline after I had created Fox and the squad… That is why I write about Fox Starwing. That is also why my book is a constant work in progress, if an update is slow in coming; it’s because we haven’t RPG’d in a while. Also, from January 2004 to August 2004, I will be at Air Force basic training and tech school for my job, A-10 Warthog maintenance. I want to thank Foxmerc for inspiring me to write with his superb fiction, and I want to thank Fara for taking an interest in my work. Thanks guys! You don’t know what this all means to me!

The Starwing Journals
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