Fara Phoenix418

Name: Aimee
A.K.A: Fara Phoenix418 or Fara418
Age: 23
Height: 51
Eyes: Hazel-green
Residence: U.S.A.
Notes:  I am an "old school" StarFox fan, as you may have guessed from my screen name, though I am not above melding the SNES and 64 versions together in my fan fics and art.  I do not, however, subscribe to the SFA version.  Yes, the grass swayed beautifully in Thorn Hollow, but let's face it--drop-shipping Fox McCloud onto a strange planet with the mission to save the world without a blaster was just a stupid move on General Pepper's part.  But enough politics...

I have been a fan since the release of the SNES version here in the States in March of 1993, and have written a total of 8 books, all but one of them by way of pencil and paper.  This makes for a lengthy conversion, let me tell you, but I intend to get them all typed out before the end of next century.  Titles by me include "Inspirare", "Donna Mia", "One Feather, Two Feather", "Hello, Good-bye", "FoxFire", "FoxTale", "Time After Time" & "Mother Ocean".

At present the only two available online are "Hello, Good-bye", which is still in the conversion process, and "Mother Ocean", which is still being written.  I encourage you to check back for updates, as now that I have the lap top and a boring job, I will have much more time to write than before!  Also check my fan art for updates, as many are illustrations from my fan fics.

Hello, Good-bye
Mother Ocean

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